KADHOBBY - WWII Japanese Infantry Army

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Muscle body
Hand x 2 pairs
Feet x 1 pair
Showa Type 5 combat uniform
White Shirt x1
Field hat with neck flaps
Soldier’s leggings x2
Backpack x1
Mess kit bag
Nambu pistols holster
Gas mask bag
Kettle holster
Army blanket
belt with bayonet pouch
Rising sun flag
Sand bags x2
Type 92 heavy machine gun
Type 92 machine gun bullets
The Type 38 rifle
The Type 38 rifle bullets
Bayonet with scabbard
Nambu pistols Type 14
Type 89 grenade discharger
Grenades shells x1
Type 97 grenade x2
Gas mask
Gas mask container
Type 94 kettle
Mess kit
Ammo pouch x3
Showa Type 5 boots x 1 pair
Tabi x 1 pair

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