TBLeague - Vampirella - Jose Gonzalez Anniversary Edition

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Vampirella celebrates her 50th anniversary in 2019 as a pop culture icon.
What started as a comic magazine in 1969, quickly became a phenomenon for
the readers of the time who gravitated toward a much darker and sexier
character who stood out among the other popular "super" characters of the
time. Vampirella’s legacy has been marked through the years by contributions
from the top writers and artists with Jose Gonzalez's version being one of the
most iconic images of Vampirella. Executive Replicas and TB League is proud
to present the 50th anniversary 1/6th scale Vampirella figure based on the art
of Jose Gonzalez.

Packing List:
1  1 x head sculpt
2  1 x TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
3  3 pair x interchangeable hands
4  1 x one-piece bikini-style costume
5  1 pair x high boots
6  1 x arm band (for right upper arm)
7  1 pair x bangles
8  1 x thigh band(for right thigh)
9  1 x dagger
10  1 x reduced scale bat model
11  1 x reduced scale skull model
12  1 x cape
13  1 x base