DID - WWII German Afrika Korps Infantry Captain – Wilhelm

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1/6 WWII German Afrika Korps Infantry Captain – Wilhelm

The super realistic head sculpt with a crafty smily face, you could even see the victory from his eyes.

As the German expeditionary force in Africa, Afrika Korps has its own “tropical” features on the outfits due to the hot weather in Africa. Wilhelm wore the German tropical shirt and breeches, with a M40 tunic on top. To protect against sandstorms, Wilhelm was commonly seen wearing motorcyclist waterproof cotton coat, goggles, tropical high boots and field cap.

The captain was rewarded the Italo-German Campaign Medal in Africa. Map, binocular, German compass and pencil were necessary for the infantry captain to make war plans. Also MP40 and P38 were included for him to fight!


  •  Super realistic headsculpt
  •  Body
  •  Open palms
  • Palms for holding pistol


  • WW2 German Tropical Field Cap
  • WW2 German Tropical Afrika korps M40 tunic
  • WW2 German Tropical pullover shirt
  • German Tropical breeches
  • WW2 German Tropical motorcyclist waterproof cotton coat
  • Sweat Rag Tan
  • WW2 German Tropical Y-straps
  • WW2 German Tropical belt
  • Green tie
  • Grey gloves
  • WW2 German Tropical High boots


  • WW2 German Tropical binoculars
  •  WW2 German Tropical goggle
  •  Map case (genuine leather)
  •  P38 holster (genuine leather)
  •  MP40 ammo pouch X 2
  •  German compass
  •  Pencil
  •  Map
  •  Military watch
  •  WW2 German Tropical canteen
  •  Ring
  •  Cigarette


  • MP40 submachine gun
  • P38 pistol


  • Breast Eagle
  • WW2 German Afrika korps WH officer collar tab x 1 pair
  • Shoulder board x 3 pairs
  • Afrika korps cuff tile
  • WW2 German Italian Afrika Korps Campaign medal
  • Infantry Assault Badge
  • Iron cross First Class