TBLeague - Pharaoh Tutankhamun - White

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King Tutankhamun (or Tutankhamen) ruled Egypt as pharaoh for 10 years until his
death at age 19, around 1324 B.C. Although his rule was notable for reversing the
tumultuous religious reforms of his father, Pharaoh Akhenaten, Tutankhamun’s legacy
was largely negated by his successors. He was barely known to the modern world until
1922, when British archaeologist Howard Carter chiseled through a doorway and
entered the boy pharaoh’s tomb, which had remained sealed for more than 3,200
years. The tomb’s vast hoard of artifacts and treasure, intended to accompany the king
into the afterlife, revealed an incredible amount about royal life in ancient Egypt, and
quickly made King Tut the world’s most famous pharaoh.
Packing List:
1) 1 x masked headsculpt
2) 1 x TBLeague 1/6 male seamless body with metal skeleton
3) 1 x throne
4)3 pairs x interchangeable hands
5)2 pairs x necklaces
5) 1 x shoulder armor
6)1 x upper body armor
7)1 X belt
8) 1pair x arm rings
(the left and right ring styles are different)
9) 1 pair x arm armors
10) 1 pair x leg armors
11) 1 pair x feet
12)1 x fur style scarf
13)1 x underwear
14)1 x underpants
15)1 x skirt
16)1 x war robe
17)1 x cloak
18)1 X scepter
19)1 x staff
20)1 x hega flail


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