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Very Cool - Ancient Japanese Heroine Series Nōhime

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Nōhime,the daughter of Saito Dao,the first warring state’s ambitious warlord,the legal wife of Oda
Nobunaga, the first warring state man,and one of the three warring states’ wives.
She is charming and beautiful in appearance,intelligent,known as the first beauty.
Product List:
-Emulational head sculpture
-TBL Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body
-Natural hand(a pair)
-Fist hand(a pair)
-Hold knife hand(a pair)
-“V”hand(a pair)
-Kimono with Auspicious grain (Japanese fabric)
-Leg-binding sandals
-Women's panties
-Hair rope
-Knife rope
-Gold lacquer skirt armor (Metal)
-Waist seal with auspicious grain
-Metal darts*4
-Leather dart bag
-Katana (Long sword)
-Black katana scabbard
-Wakizashi (Short sword)
-Black wakizashi scabbard

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