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Asmus Toys - The Hobbit Series: Bard

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Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness Bard from The Hobbit Trilogy: Super action male body Approximately 30 cm tall 12" inch tall Over 36 points of articulation Features: A Headsculpt with authentic likeness of the actor from the 3 pairs of exchangeable hands Special features on clothing: Bard’s silk over-shirt *1 Bard’s coat *1 Bard’s Linen shirt *1 Bard’s paints *1 Bard’s fur-lined fingerless gloves *4 Bard’s fur-lined leg wraps *2 Special features in weapons: Bard’s Bow *1 Arrows *6 Bard’s quiver *2 Bard’s quiver when slaying Smaug *2 Black arrow * 1 Accessories: One Asmus figure stand

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