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Asmus Toys - The Lord of the Rings Series: Grishnakh

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Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Grishnakh from The Two Towers. · Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body · Approximately 30 cm tall / 12" Inch · Over 36 points of articulation Features : · An authentic likeness of the design from the film. · One pair of relaxed posture hand · One pair of weapon holding hand · One pair of open hand Special features on Clothing: · One special cape of fur and armor · One pair of long sleeved undervest · One pair of long underpants · One outer robe of synthetic leather cuttings with armor applied · One patterned orc belt Special features in gears: · One orc sword · One pair of orc arm braces · One pair of calf braces . One pair of biceps braces . One pair of orc shoes . One chest piece of Grishnakh

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