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September 10th - Arrived Today!

DID's WH Infantry Captain - Thomas, in stock!

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September 10th - Broken up today

Today we have broken up:Toysland Law EnforcerKumik Manji Samurai

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September 8th - Arrived in stock!

Damtoys - Diamond 2 From their Gangster Kingdom line has arrived!Sculpture Time's John F. Kennedy also in store today!

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September 6th - Broken up today!

Today we have broken up the DAM Navy Seal Recon Team Sniper. 

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September 4th - Arrived in stock

Now in stockMr. Han from Enter the DragonManji from Blade of the Immortal

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September 3rd - Arrived Today!

AC Play's Christian Bale head is in stockVery Cool's Miko Outfits is in stockBelet's Paul Walker from Fast and the Furious Set has arrivedToysland Law Enforcer set is also in now!

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September 3rd - Broken up today!

DAM Marine Corps Sniper has been broken up. http://www.urbansamuraihobbies.com/search.php?sear...

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August 29th - Arrived Today!

Soldier Story's Navy Seal Mk46 MOD1 Gunner is in store.Original Effect's Righter is also in stock!

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August 22nd - Arrived Today!

These figures arrived today!Phicen Lady MagicianDAM Navy Seal Recon Team SniperDAM Marine Corps Scout Sniper

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August 21st - Arrived Today!

The following figures arrived today:Asmus Toys Gandalf the WhiteAsmus Toys Lieutenant GurtizBrothers Kill Them SoftlyVirtual Toys Zombie KillerAce Toyz Michael Keaton Head

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