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COO Model x Ouzhixiang - Mummy (Exclusive Edition)

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Expected Release Date: 4th Quarter 2018

The 1/6 scale MUMMY (EXCLUSIVE EDITION) specially features:
- One (1) Mummy head wrapped of linen
- Three (3) interchangeable face parts of mummy, including:
one Pharaoh mask
one closed-mouth skull
one opened-mouth skull
- One (1) mummificated body, wrapped of line
- Four (4) interchangeable hands (2 open palms and 2 weapon-holding hands)

- One (1) gold Pharaoh Nemes
- One (1) gold collar with Horus designs
- One (1) gold necklace with Khepri designs
- One (1) gold waist chain
- One (1) damaged white robe

- One (1) gold scepter

Figure stand:
- One (1) ladder base surrounded by four-gods statues
- Two (2) action busts of mummies
- One (1) round-based figure stand

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