Crazy Figure

Crazy Figure - 1/12 US Military Special Force: ASOC Army Special Operations Command in 1993

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Authentic Real Likeness head sculpt and body (hand x 6)

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) at 3color dessert mode
   T_shirt at OD Color
   PT Bullet Proof vest
  Omega Tactic Vest
  US Flag patch x 2
  Radio pouch
  Gun holder
  Canteen and cover
  LBT Bag
  S Belt
  Butt pack
  Hell storm knee pads
  Compass / First Aid Bag
  Pro-tec helmet
  Wind Glasses
  GSG9 battle boots
  Nomex Glove x 4
  MX300R Radio
  R0727 Carbine and red dot sight                                                                                                                                      

  Gun light
  M16 Assault Rifle
  870 Shotgun

  Shrapnel x 3
  M1911A1 hand gun
  M67 grenade & glove x 2
  M18 Smoke grenade X2
  45 bullet Assault Rifle X2

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