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Inflames Toys x Newsoul Toys - Guan Yunchang & The Chitu Horse

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Expected Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2019
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Expected Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2019
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Set Specification:
Guan Yunchang
-Tow Elaborate-carving head(One dignified look-askance expression and the other squinting look-askance
expression & Long black real fabric beard implantation)
-Strong body (Approximately 33 cm tall)
-9 pieces of interchangeable palms

Martial attire:
-Green Underwear
-Green Bloomers
-Green drop-shoulder robe
-General's Cloak

Half martial attire:
-Green cloak
-White waist support
-A suit of armor(including a waist support,a belt,etc)

-Bamboo slip
-Square stage with transparent pillar

-Green dragon crescent moon blade

The Chitu Horse
1/6 bordeaux red movable horse(Including two interchangeable horse heads with different expression)
Over 20 movable joints
armour for a horse,Saddler, trappings with saddle,halter,etc.
A Flag(including the base)

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