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Inflames Toys x Newsoul Toys - Skywalker Wu Song Deluxe Version

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Expected Release Date: 1st Quarter 2019
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Expected Release Date: 1st Quarter 2019

Specification of the product:
- An elaborate carving head(with buddhist monk’s head band & Long black real fabric hair implantation)
- Newly developed muscular body with seamless upper body
- 9 pieces of interchangeable palms
- Approximately 33cm tall
The buddhist monk outfit
- White underwear
- Brown robe
- Dark blue shoulder coat
- The skull Beads
- Dark blue wristbands
- Red belt
- Narrow blue waist support
- Black bloomers
- Black officer boots
A suit of battle-damaged lower hem(be used when the figure is stripped to the waist)
- White lower hem(covered with mud and blood)
- Brown lower hem(covered with mud and blood)
- Black belt
- Wide blue waist support
- Square stage with transparent pillar
- Bamboo hat
- A wine bottle gourd
Exclusive to Deluxe Version:
- The wine bowl(including spill-out effect)
- Right hand for holding the wine bow
- Wine jars(including pouring effect)
- The class chair
- A black flag
- The flag base
- Double buddhist monk's knife
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