Lucifer - Elf Queen Emma Queen Version

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Expected Release Date: 4th Quarter 2019
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Expected Release Date: 4th Quarter 2019

Elf ears head sculpture*1
Head accessories*1
Neck armor*1
Shoulder amour*2
Upper arm amour*2
Arm amour*2
Chest armor*1
Chest Chain*1
Waist Armor*1
Waist accessories*4
Block amour*1
Upper leg amour *1
Fur puttee*1
Leg amour*2
Elf boots*2
Elf costume*1
Elf arrow*1(that can be separated to two ELF saber*2)
Arrow carrier*1
Metal arrow*4
Water base*1(that can be suitable for Fiona)
Hands *6
ELF Background card *1
Coral white crown *1 (queen version only)
Queen gown * 1 (queen version only)
Unicorn *1 (queen version only)
Water bloom horseshoe *4 (queen version only)
Water background card *1 (queen version only)

*Note: LXF-1702 Fiona base show in photos not included

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