Mini Times

Mini Times - US Navy

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Part Lists:   Head Sculpt Articulated Body Mechnix Gloved Hands x2 Base Jump Helmet Helmet NVG Mount AN/PVS-15 Night Vision Binocular HD Camera MPLS LED (Tan) Ops-Core Goggle Swivel Clips x2 Gas Mask Sunglasses T- Shirt (Black) Navy Blue Camo BDU BATES Assault Boots (Black) Tactical Rappel Harness Oxygen Tank with Pouch LBT6094 Vest (Black) M4 Triple Mag Pouch (Black) Drop Leg Mag Ouch (Black) Waist Bag (Black) Radio Pouch (Black) AN/PRC-152 Radio With RACAL OTTO Handmic Tri-Fold Restraint Plastic cuffs (Red x1, Yellow x2) Glow sticks (Red x3, Yellow x2) Carabineer Drop Leg Pistol Holster P229R DAK Pistol with Retention Lanyard Pistol Mag x1 M4A1 Rifle PEQ16 Laser EOTCH 552 Vertical Grip Folding Stock M4 Mag x5 M4 Tactical Sling Kneepads Patches x2 Belt

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