Pangaea Toy - Samurai General

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FEATURE- Authentic sculpted head with rooted hair- ACI TOYS Body "EDWARD" with 30 points of articulations- 4 interchangeable armored hands Costume- 1 SHITAGI (underclothing)- 1 KOSODE (robe)- 1 HAKAMA (trousers)- 1 pair of KYAHAN (legging)- 1 pair of WARAJI (straw sandals) Armors- 1 DO (cuirass) with WATAGAMI (shoulder armor) and 7 KUSAZURI (tassels)- 1 TATE-ERI (armored collar)- 1 pair of SODE (shoulder guards)- 1 pair of KOTE (sleeve armors)- 1 HAIDATE (thigh guard)- 1 pair of SUNEATE (shin armors) with TATEAGE (knee guard) Weapons- UCHIGATANA (die-cast metal blade with plastic handle)- WAKIZASHI (side inserted sword) Note**All parts are in accurate 1/6 scale.**Final products may vary slightly with prototype pictures.

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