Soldier Story

Soldier Story- SS089 - 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers

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What's in the Box HEADGEAR PASGT helmet and liner Woodland camo cover Woodland BDU scrim HEAD SCULPT 82nd Airborne soldier life live head sculpt BODY S2.5 BODY Bare Hand(1 Pair) Bare Feet (1 Pair) UNIFORM Woodland camo BDU top Woodland camo BDU pants OG undershirt Jungle boots(1 pair) All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) Y shaped suspenders Pistol belt Ammo pouch x 2 Canteen pouch x 2 Combat field pack Entrenching Tool Carrier ALICE medium pack ALICE frame COMBAT GEAR MX-991/ U flashlight 1-QT plastic canteen x 2 M-67 Grenade x 4 Military carabiner x 2 Earplugs case Earplugs case chain WEAPON M249 MK1 machine gun M249 200rd plastic ammo drum x 4 5.56 magazine (fit to M249) 5.56 bullets belt (link M249 and ammo drum) Black padded weapon sling INDIVIDUAL COMBAT EQUIPMENT JUMP LOADS MC1-1B Parachute Personnel parachute harness T-10 Reserve parachute H-harness (used to rig ALICE pack to parachute harness) Hook-Pile Tape Lowering Line  (used to lower all equipments attached to the parachutist) SAW MOD M1950 weapons case INSIGNIA PATCH (Embroidered patches , sewed on BDU top) Subdued RANGER tab patch Subdued AIRBORNE tab patch Subdued 82ND Airborne Patch Subdued U.S. ARMY patch Subdued name tab patch Subdued SFC rank patch (collar) Subdued air assault badge Subdued parachutist badge Subdued combat infantry badge Subdued drill instructor badge Subdued pathfinder badge Colored US flag patch (backward)

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