TBLeague - Kier Shadow of Heaven

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Kier: Shadow of Heaven
Peer through the lens of twisted time, and gaze upon the glorious Kier: Shadow of Heaven Sixth Scale
Figure. This variant of the Kier: First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure imagines an alternate timeline
in which Kier was formed as flawlessly as her twin sister. In her ethereal perfection, she was never
banished from heaven. She was praised for her single-minded rage. Her beauty, grace, and valiance
are almost enough to distract from her bloodlust.

Packing List:
1) 1 x head sculpt
2) 1 x TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
3) 3 pairs x interchangeable hands
4)1 x neck armor
5)1 x upper body armor
6)1 pair x open Wings
7)1 pair x closed Wings
8)1 pair x Wrist armors
9)1 x armband for the left arm
10)1 pair x leg armors
11)1 x sword
12)1 x skirt
13)1 x cloak
14)1 x Base with bracket

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