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Toys Power - Run All Night Action Figure

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Toys Power - Run All Night Action Figure Head sculpt and Body Accessories:- Detailed made and highly likeness of the figure- Head sculpt with highly-emulation hair Every head sculpt is elaborately hand painted. The detailed facial expression, the clear wrinkles and skintexture are all perfectly presented. - A bare body × 1 piece- Hands ×7 pieces- Shotgun × 1 piece- Pistol × 1 piece (Made by Metal)- Watch × 1 piece (Made by Metal)- Cellphone × 1 piece (Made by Metal)- Recording pen × 1 piece (Made by Metal)- Micro player × 1 piece (Made by Metal)- Base plate ×1 set Costumes and accessories:- T-shirt ×1 piece- Wrist band: ×1 piece- Leather jacket ×1 piece- Jeans ×1 pair- Boots ×1 pair