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Very Cool - Cross Fire: Mandala The Protector

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Product background: Mandala There is a mysteries female troops called “the company of death”, whose badge is the symbol of death scythe. Nobody can survive from their trace once they are locked as targets and as if being judged by the goddess of death. With the increasing influence of this female troop, finally people know their name: They are a group of elegant cold-blood killers, with whose name you can smell the gorgeous threat. They are a blossoming of death flowers—“Mandala”! Product list: -Emulational head sculpture*1 -VC joint encapsulate female ferrite (FX05)*1 -Black close-fitting battle dress uniform*1 -Black underwear*1 -Black underpants*1 -Thigh boot*1 pair -Cold arms the dagger*1 -Leather dagger pouch*1 -Leather dagger back suspension*1 -Badge magic paster*1 -Interphone bag*1 -Interphone*1 -Necklet*1 -Bullets*21 -Bullets belt*1 -PU fur holster (left leg)*1 -PU fur holster (right leg)*1 -P266 pistol*2 -P226 pistol clip* 2 -Folding AK47 -Folding AK47 clip*1 -Hands with mitts in natural status (1 pair) -Hands with mitts in hooking-gun status (1 pair)

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