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Very Cool - Digital Camouflage Woman Soldier - Max

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Simulation hair transplant head VC 3.0 big chest female body (soft chest) AOR1 digital camouflage cap AOR1 digital camouflage coat AOR1 digital camouflage tactical pants AOR1 digital camouflage pike bag Military climbing boots (one pair) Tactical single-shoulder bag Black long sleeve underwear Magic tapes on the right and left armband *2 Magic tapes on the pike bag badge *2 Safety rope *1 Leather belt *1 Necklace of the troop brand *1 1911 pistol 1911 holster 1911 pistol clips *2 1911 pistol clips cover M4 pike M4 pike flashlight M4 pike gunsight M4 pike laser box M4 pike clips cover M4 pike rope *1 M4 pike clips *2 Axe *1 Axe cover *1 Hook gun gloves (right hand) *1 Natural gloves (one pair) Fist gloves (one pair) Half fist gloves (one pair)

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