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Very Cool - Soviet Red Army Female Soldier

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Female Head Sculpt x 1
VC Caucasian skin tone Large-Bust Female Body x 1
Military Overcoat x 1
Cotton Cap x 1
Military Coat x 1
Skirt x 1
Tricorn Hat x 1
Pair of Silk Stockings x 1
Genuine Leather Belt X 2
PPSH41 Assault Rifle x 1
Drum x 1
Backpack x 1
Bullet Bag x 1
Pair of Simulation Boots x 1
Medical Sleeves x 1
Traffic Officer Sleeves x 1
Pair of traffic Control Flags x 1
Pair of Hair-Band x 1
Pair of Relaxed Hand Set x 1
Pair of Holding-Gun Hand Set x 1
Pair of Fist Hand Set x 1
Pair of Grip Hand Set x 1
Pair of Hook-Gun Hand Set x 1

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