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Very Cool - Villa Sister: Police Black Python Stripe

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At the request of the vast number of players, VERYCOOL upgraded and republished this female soldier
The painting effect of head carving is improved; arms upgrades; ankle increased mobility. Camouflage
uniforms have two colors for everyone to team up. Following the trend of the environmental protection era,
the packaging box has been upgraded to an aluminum alloy external photographing storage box, hoping to
bring you a better experience.

VCF-2035A; Police Black Python Stripe

Product List:

- Emulational head sculpture*1
- VC 3.0 big chest female body (soft chest)
- Python Stripe Camouflage tactical jumpsuits
- Military tactical boots (1 pair)
- Glasses
- Scarf
- Cartridge bag*4
- Military tactical backpack
- Badge magic paster*1
- Waist bag
- Carabiner
- Leather belt
- M18 smoke
- Kneepad *2
- M4A1 assault rifle(Black)(DAM Provide)
- M4A1 assault rifle sight
- LA5-PEQ Aiming Laser (Black)
- PMAG 30 (Black) X3
- VC high-grade aluminum alloy external photographing storage box
- VC aluminum alloy storage box sponge
- Hands with mitts in natural status (1 Pair)
- Hands with mitts in hooking-gun status (1Pair)

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