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Worldbox X Onetoys - Steel Wolf MAX Version

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Special features of the 1/6th scale Collectible Figure:

- Two head

-One normal head and one blood color head in finishing ,15 days after the release of pictures.

-One World Box durable body AT012

Three suits of clothes.

-One(1)black blazer

-One(1)black tie

-One(1)white shirts

-One(1)black pants

-One(1)light blue shirts

-One(1)blood color vest

-One(1)blood color jeans

-One(1)brown jacket

-One(1)light blue shirts

-One(1)black T shirt


-One(1)pair of Alloy claw

-Four(4)pair of hands

-Two(2)pair of brown colored boots

-Three(3)black belt

-Three(3) Connecting rod,matching no neck head of other brands.

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